About Our Company

Visions was born from a dream and necessity to provide a purpose for my visually impaired daughter. Inspired by a love of body sprays, lotions, bath gels, and all things for your bath and that smell (wonderful), Visions was brought to life in the spring of 2005 in an effort to provide the very best bath fizzy we could make. We are so thankful and blessed for God putting us in the right place at the right time. I was not even vaguely familiar with a bath bomb, but after a visit to a bath bomb shop while vacationing; God showed me that this could be something that my daughter could do. I had been asked for years, “What is Emilee going to do after she graduates from high school?” This was a question that I could not answer or even wanted to think about. Visions is the answer to our prayers.

From our modest beginnings in a small kitchen, Visions has grown to occupy a 5000 square foot production facility in Hamlin, Texas. A simple need to provide a purpose for my daughter to feel important and be productive has become a growing business. From making bath balls into the wee hours of the morning in our family kitchen, we now manufacture and distribute Fizzy Lizzy products all over the nation.

We remain true to our original mission of combining the finest natural ingredients to create the healthiest, most attractive, most fragrant, and most moisturizing bath fizzy on the market. We value freshness and safety, innovative design and packaging, and impeccable quality and service. We take our products seriously so that all you have to do is relax and enjoy them.

We believe that you should find the time to pamper yourself in this busy world that we live-even if it is just 10 minutes to relax in the tub. We believe that a Fizzy Lizzy bath experience can make a world of the difference!

About Our Products

All of our products are formulated and prepared by hand using the same small-batch manufacturing process that we used in our original test kitchen. We believe that our original hand-pressed method allows us to provide our customers the freshest possible product. We know that fresh products are simply better-a more pleasing bath experience for you! All of our products are tested and retested to ensure that you receive not only an enjoyable product, but a safe product as well. We do not participate in any animal testing. We never test our product on animals–only me, family and friends.